Monday, July 9, 2012

Heineken makes things Fancy!

Hello internet world and Happy Monday!! Mac is back in 'word' form only, you'll have to imagine the accent as you read. I have to apologize about last week, my little sister got married on the East Coast so I was a little preoccupied. But worry not friends, here I am with this weeks ad review. In blog form I am able to show you the ad first, and then talk about it with you! The ad that caught my eye this week was Heineken's new ad "The Switch" by TBWA\Neboko, Amsterdam. It's a 90 second spot and the subtlety in the acting, the music, the world that is created was all absolutely enjoyable to watch. Have a look

Wasn't that fantastic? The director is 34 year old Martin Krejci who I recall directed a  spot for Lurpak, Kitchen Odyssey, for Wieden + Kennedy London which won them a silver lion at Cannes. That win put this young director in the eyes of all ad agencies. The music in the ad that really brings this spot to life is performed by Australian soul train artists Clairy Browne & The Bangin' Rackettes, the song is called "Love Letter".  Again notice the subtlety in the expressions throughout the piece. The bartender especially, in my eyes, really "Brings the Fancy". I love the concept of turning the dusty old bar into this incredible lounge. I applaud Heineken for trying to make their beer synonymous with style and class. My only suggestion would have been to bring the guy from their Heineken Light ad with the handlebar mustache in to this ad for a cameo.
I also LOVE the little bonus at the end of the ad. Not forgetting about the piano player!

Well done Heineken! This is an ad I don't mind watching over and over. What were your thoughts on the ad? Did you like the transformation? The song? The style of the ad? Will you feel a little fancier when you drink your next Heineken? Leave your comments here in this blog my friends because EVEN HERE, Everyone's a Crittick! Stay Fancy!!