Monday, May 28, 2012

DISH Network's Ad Hopper vs TV Networks

So, commercials for Dish networks hopper started to appear in March, the hopper is basically a DVR. 8 commercials so far, 7 of which all feature the “Boston Family” as they call it, because the way they speak and say hopper is funny. Now I use to live in Boston for many years, so I fully appreciate the accent and I admire what Dish tried to do here, For the most part they caught the essence of a Boston family.

A few weeks ago they unveiled their ad hop feature, and with this you can choose to completely skip the ads in your programming. This of course, did not go over smoothly with tv networks for they need their advertisement in order to provide cheaper and sometimes free programming for US. 

So The owners of the CBS, Fox and NBC networks accused Dish of copyright infringement because even though, technically we’ve been able to skip ads for years now, we have never been offered the opportunity with such ease by a major distributor until now.

The TV networks are saying that DISH has, in effect, violated their copyrights by stripping away the traditional way they make money, and I tend to agree. Advertising revenue underwrites the high cost of producing television shows. It’s just the way it is. 

If I could sue Dish along with the networks, I would as well, I could use the money, but more-so, I don’t want you skipping ads. I want you to watch them, too realize how much goes into making them, to come here and critique them, each 30 second ad is a new story, a new adventure, it’s not just $$, it’s content. Some ads are fricking horrible, and some are crazy fancy. And My job is to make it no longer an interruption in your show, but rather, bonus content. Well what are your thoughts on Ad-skipping? Are you on Dish’s side or the TV networks. 

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  1. You’ve brought up very valid points; ads are ways for companies to make money as well as get word out about new things. How I see it is if I record something to my DVR, I would like to skip commercials that can get very repetitive. The ads are still there during live TV, so in essence, the ads are not being deleted. I have many co-workers at Dish who use Auto Hop all the time, me included. I don’t mind seeing ads on live TV, but if I have the option to skip the ads on a recording, I will for sure. If Dish wants to make that easier for me, then I will gladly use it! Great read!