Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Nike Football : My Time is Now review!

A few weeks ago I did a parody on a recent Adidas campaign, It was fun, but I can do no such thing with Nike’s “My Time is Now” campaign. It’s far to epic, they pulled out all the bells and whistles, amazing cinematography, fx, interaction. And they have so much wow factor that, unless someone pays me a lot of money, I’m never going to get that fancy. 

Back in 2010 Nike unleashed an amazing “Write the Future” Campaign for the World Cup with a list of cameo’s that was seam-ably unmatched. And here we are two years later with their newest box office smash entitled My Time is Now, with I dare say even more cameo’s from some of the biggest athletes in the world, and even LeBron James makes a cameo appearance. The ad is for the 14th European Championship, and ultimately it’s for everyone who’s ever sat on a bench ready to play. It’s a “Coach, put me in” kind of ad. It made ME want to get out there and play! It made me remember the times when I did, I was a striker. These legs are massive, that’s why we don’t show them. 

The ad Agency Wieden & Kennedy, London put this get together, and I dare say, it will be one we remember. Not only is it 3 minutes in length, spectacular, action packed with sprinkles of comedy, The damn things interactive. If you go to their YouTube page, link below, you can watch the ad and try and find “tunnels” that bring you to more content! It’s brilliant! And a great way of using the technology that’s out there and pushing the limits. You’ll find yourself watching the video over and over again trying to find something new. Last week I said the future of advertising is on the way, and here is a perfect example. Well done indeed. I want to hear from you, did you find all the tunnels? Did you enjoy Nike’s new campaign?

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